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The Power of Tolerance
This power comes in many forms – as the soul is tested to tolerate a full range of experiences and challenges.
The power to tolerate gives you the strength and happiness to withstand everything you face in life.
Tolerance is also a virtue, as when you embody the power to tolerate, you are able to remain cheerful and content.
Success is merged in the soul who tolerates, and fear is eliminated with the strength of the soul’s power.
To increase your power to tolerate, you must take in power and energy from the Source.
Any lack of tolerance is simply a weakness in the soul, and so, the solution is to Remember this Ocean of Love and Peace
And absorb Divine energy.
The more you practice this power, the more it comes at your service.
One who tolerates is a great soul.
Practice this power and see wonders unfold in your life.
Many blessings of peace.
Om shanti. 
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