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Enjoy these guided meditations from my heart to yours

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The Real Safety - Your Divine Connection

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

The Hand of Blessings

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

7 Colors Rays Balancing Meditation

by Arielle Hecht | Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind

Free from Past Burdens Meditation

by Arielle Hecht | Be Free of Your Past

Resting Your Mind with the One and having a deep peaceful sleep

by Arielle Hecht

Slowing Down in a Hectic World Meditation - Bathing in the Ocean of Peace

by Arielle Hecht

Bathing in the Ocean of Love Finding your Voice (Live Recording)

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

Silence of the Mind (Live Recording)

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

Surrender and Letting Go Into Love (Live Recording)

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

Surrendering Memory Track to Purifier (Live Recording)

by Arielle Hecht | Awaken to Your Bliss

“Hi Arielle, you are a living angel in my heart. I have done two of your guided meditations, 7 color rays and release past burdens by surrendering … it really has had a profound affect on me. I have done countless female or male guided meditations from the very famous to the more subtle one…..I have never been so resonance to others….but yours. Just want to let you know. Thank you so much the beautiful living Angel Arielle. Blessings from Hong Kong, I love you.”
– Nikki, Hong Kong

“After experiencing the chakra meditation from Arielle, I could feel healing start in my body.
With clarity, soul & a knowing, she restores vital energy to your entire being.
It’s funny, I felt healing in parts of my body that I wasn’t aware of. Loved it.”
– Matt, Sydney

“I’ve been using the 7 rays chakra meditation for the last week and I have found it very powerful.
I noticed on the first listen that I felt surrounded by a bubble of light and safety, I was able to completely relax and allow the meditation to work – I fell into a deep refreshing sleep. On waking I felt increased joy and happiness! Since then I have listened several times and for me each time I have felt a real connection with each color ray and felt very relaxed and much lighter (less tense). It really is very beautiful and powerful. Thank you again for creating it.”
– Michelle, Brighton

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For excellent support in learning and establishing a powerful meditation practice of connecting with the Divine, Arielle recommends learning the practice of Remembrance and taking the free raja yoga course.