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Let your love overflow
as a fire of love
When we activate the heart
and let in an endless supply of Love
from God
When we feel absorbed in that love
We can let it overflow and create a protective energy field around us
and in the atmosphere around us
This is what it really means to make the world a better, safer place
There is often so much attention on the external
Yet, the frustration that world peace activists can feel
contributes to the problem of peacelessness
Rather than approaching peace from an extroverted manner
Try going inside and creating a powerful field of love and power
from the inside
by connecting with the Divine
This is real peace.
Real love.
Real power.
The way ‘spirituality’ is understood in the world today
is also in a very gross form that is very far from what it actually means
Spiritual is silent, it is peace, it is knowing ‘who am I?” and “who is mine?”
I am a beautiful soul. God is mine and I am God’s.
I belong to that One.
Then, you can let the fearless, beautiful love pour into your heart
and into the world
souls of the world are in a serious trance
Kind of like the Truman show –
the world is in a thick hypnotic trance
And so, this Love
the self, and other souls
from that Trance
It’s time to be free
and become pure
once again
Remember the One, the Purifier
and the fire of love
with burn away all darkness
so only light remains
This is the fire of love.
Om shanti.