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Full of light
The Light in the World has been turned On…
And Now, there is light being poured down upon all souls
Can you feel it?
The light was off
and now, it is on
There is a canopy of light
a blanket of protection
being spread across the atmosphere
The best way to be a lighthouse for this light
is to connect with the Supreme
the most Beloved One
The Heavenly Father
The Ocean of Peace
He is re-charging us with so much light
Once we learn how to take it in
We begin to fill and become overflowing with light
so we can share it with others
and create transformation in the world
There is so much light
so much light!
And so, will you feel it?
Will you become an instrument of it?
Will you learn to Remember the One
And take in all that beautiful light?
It is here!
It is now!
There is one way to receive it all
from the Source
The Power House
So come, child!
Come bathe in the Light
of the Ocean of Peace
Come learn how to have remembrance
and recharge your battery
Come! It is your fortune, child
to receive this Light
and to be a Lighthouse
A very Merry Christmas to every soul
May every soul feel this light
And become a lighthouse
It is that One’s wish
calling all great souls
Become filled
Become light
Om shanti.
Merry Christmas