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You are a divine child
a star of the earth
You are a special soul
with the light of fortune
on your forehead
You are a wonderful star
The most beautiful being
For you are a soul
the sparkling light
a being of peace
Never allow the mud of the material world
make you think you are any less
Never let any negative energy tell you
that you ‘can’t’ or ‘it’s not possible’
Never let yourself think you are any less
than a divine soul
no matter what
There is no problem too big
no mistake too large
that it can’t be forgiven and let go of
For you are a child of God
a star of the Earth
what more could you ask for?
what more could you yearn for?
you are already that which you seek to be
Remember your true nature
Act in accordance
and awaken your fortune
for the Supreme is giving you the golden pen now
to draw your own line of fortune
Make it the very best
the most beautiful
the most true
the most beloved
the most of who you
really are
Start again if you need to
Go forth now
Awaken your destiny
of a golden path
to your highest good
Om shanti divine soul.