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You are blessed
by the light of the One
When reading this, you can know
You are a special child
A unique soul
Who is here to uplift many more
You are a blessed soul
One with a sincere heart
Who has always yearned for the Truth
to be united with the One
You have sensed you are different
you are unique
And now you are feeling that call more than ever
To unite your mind and heart with God’s love and power
and to become an instrument of that Peace
Now is the time.
You are the one.
You are here to bring so much good
as you spread the beautiful fragrance and beauty
of the Divine’s Love
and Peace
You see, how can we possibly restore peace in ourselves and in the world
By opposing things and others
How can we possibly create peace
through the violence of negative thinking
How can we possibly create a land of Truth
while allowing falsehood to exist in our own being
And so, you are the wise soul who recognizes
what it really takes
To create ripples of peace and harmony
in yourself
and in the world
To transform
and Forgive
Become a bestower
in your own right
A bestower soul
who shares God’s light
love and peace
With all souls you touch
Let your love shine without holding back
Let your true heart transform bad into good
Let yourself be filled with the true understanding of the soul and the Supreme Soul
Be open to knowing
that One’s Light
of Truth
You are blessed.
Om shanti