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You are a gift
a treasure of the Earth
Within you are beautiful virtues
and specialities
that you uniquely have
Your love unlocks these virtues
So that they can pour forth out into the world
and touch others souls
Your treasure store in filled by the One
and you are given an immense amount of love from the One
So open your heart
let yourself be filled with Love from the Source
And watch as your unique gifts continue to emerge
like special magic keys that unlock worlds of good
Each time you catch eyes with another
Or share something on your heart
These special virtues of yours will naturally emerge
Just have the knowing that they are there
And that your love unlocks the magic
These God-given specialities are very powerful
So they override any acquired negative energies
You are a gift to the world
A divine treasure
so let yourself be opened with love and let your gifts be shared
You are a precious child of the One
And it is an absolute joy for each one of us, your brother and sister souls,
to witness and receive your beautiful gifts and virtues
See the virtues in others
Share your virtues
And we will all become very full and very virtuous souls
This is what the One above wants for us
To live with such love, mercy and kindness
That the world as we know it
is transformed
This is our divine destiny.
Om shanti, dear sweet angels.