Dear beloved soul

Dear child of God,

beloved soul of the Supreme

special jewel of the Father’s heart

sweet beloved one of the Divine

You are a blessed soul

One who sees beyond the veil of illusion

Into the doorway and truth of the heart

You are aware of the deeper meaning in life

and so you fly on the wings of freedom

in constant union with God, the Ocean of Love

You are like a flying angel

One who is in the world

but not of it

You are free

You are free

You are free

Om shanti.

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Beloved of the One

Beloved children of the One we are so deeply beloved if we only knew how beloved we are We would feel the endless stream of love and spiritual power coming to us from the One God loves us with all His heart There is no holding back There are no conditions There is no...

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Remembering One

Remembering One is the call of our hearts to remember the One, the Supreme with all our hearts is the highest fortune to remember many, all of the different souls in our lives can lead to getting caught up in the colorful branches of the tree of humanity and forget...

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