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“He who is without sin can cast the first stone.”
We live in a time
when stones are being cast
left and right
many are stones from the mouth
many more are the stones of thought
We see it in our homes, in our communities and in our countries at large
Souls who have public or political positions
are often the target
yet there is really no boundary to how common this has become
And yet, this quote, hopefully..
makes us stop to think for a few minutes

He who is without sin…
can cast the first stone…
This wisdom takes us inside…
rather than outside…
To look within ourselves
and change ourselves
rather than continue casting stones in our actions, words and thoughts
at others
It makes us realize
we are the ones to look at
to change
to transform
There isn’t time to waste worrying about, criticizing and blaming others
There is only time to look at ourselves
deeply look at ourselves
and with the help of the Divine
change ourselves
The best we can do, is give all other souls good wishes
regardless of our opinion about how good or bad they are
All of this is a trap
that keeps us forever deluded
as if under a spell of ignorance
in which we cannot even see our own self
our own thoughts
our own being
When we look inside, we find that
I, the self, the soul
have become weakened
This is true for every soul
And so now is the time to regain strength
once again
by charging the battery of the soul
with the Supreme
God is the only One who can refill us
who can remove the burden of sin on our heads
He is the Remover of Sorrow
and Bestower of Fortune
This One, the Incorporeal God,
Our Beloved Friend
is the Helper and Guide
For All souls of All religions
No one is left out
of our Divine Family
And so,
Let us find the humility and truth within our hearts
to no longer cast stones upon others,
whether in our actions, words or thoughts
Let us find the courage within
to look inside
and clean out
all that doesn’t belong
to refill with full light
by taking the helping hand of our Beloved Companion
our Sweet Friend
who is here to take all of our burden and baggage
and return us to our natural state of Light
Let us be free from casting stones
and begin to bestow flowers
Oceans of love.
Om shanti.