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What if we could feel so held
by the Divine
and rejoicing in the fullness of our own self?
What if we could be completely full
completely happy
at peace
no matter what?
What if we didn’t need anything
want anything
or concern ourselves with limited things?
What if we could have a broad perspective
and see the benefit in each and every situation
What if we could be completely fulfilled by God
and God alone
What if we allowed that One
to recharge us
to complete fullness
Complete wholeness
Complete enlightenment
What if we all had the courage to do this?
Can you imagine?
It can at least start with each one of us
Allowing in the power
and the peace
of the One
and letting that be enough
Being consistent with our practice
of Remembrance
Re-charging the battery of the soul
with the Supreme
What if this could be enough?
Can you imagine?
Can you feel the ocean of love and support
right here for you?
It’s here now
You’re here now
and so why not plug into the power source
and enjoy the bliss that comes.
We have so much support
available to us
regardless of circumstances in life
there is an ocean of love and support
right here for us
right now
from our Spiritual Parent
Let us fill ourselves with this light
Let us recharge to full completion
Let us unite as a family of angels.
Om shanti angels.