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There is a wellspring of truth
just beneath the mind
You see, you cannot know and find God, and Truth
using the conceptual, intellectualization of the mind
you will only continue to find paradoxes and boundaries
with the linear capacity of the mind
yet, just beneath the mind
there is a wellspring of Love
a deep and complete knowing of God
and of Truth
It’s not something of the head
but something of the heart
It’s something that is felt and experienced,, and known on a very deep level in the soul
The mind is our tool to be used for good
It is the screen upon which we view life
Yet, to know God
this is something of the Heart
of the Soul
The truth you are looking for isn’t on the level of ‘figuring out’
It’s on the level of pure consciousness
the wellspring of truth just beneath the mind
It’s right there
all the time
an infinite silence and abode of deep, everlasting peace
It’s right here
right now
There is an overwhelming love
just beneath the mind
that comes straight from God
It has the power to transform all things
It has the power to bring you into deep peace
It has the power to melt away your worries and concerns for good
Just beneath the mind, dear friend
there is this Truth
there is this Love
It will not be found by ‘science”
It will be found
by Silence.
Om shanti.