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We can do better than this
We’re at a pivotal time in history
Where we can affect change internally and externally
At an unprecedented level
On the inside, we have the power to transform our thoughts, our attitudes, our way of being…
We can forge a connection with the Divine, and receive the fortune of an eternity
Now are the moments, the precious moments, for transformation
On the external, we have access to connect with over a billion people around the world
in an instant, in this digital age
We can touch lives
We can share the message within our hearts
We can awaken souls and transform lives
Yet, we wait around for that right moment…
When it will ‘feel’ right…
When this circumstance will change, or that person will change
But the truth is this:
That moment, is now.
Now is the moment to do it.
Change yourself.
Change your life.
Uplift the lives of others.
That moment is now.
Don’t waste it.