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Sometimes on the spiritual path,

We may find ourselves at a crossroads, or in the middle of a dark and tangly jungle.

It seems there is no way out,

It seems we are trapped.

Yet, in our heart of hearts,

we know, Who to call out to

We ask our Beloved God for guidance,

and He answers

The pathway out of the jungle may not always seem easy, in fact, it likely will not.

It may even be the opposite direction that you wish to run

However, with your pure intention, heart and mind focused on the Supreme Soul, God,

the incorporeal Mother and Father of all souls,

You will be led.

And you must trust Him.

And even though the ego may be kicking and screaming, at the threat of going in the direction that will destroy it,

You must go forward, anyway.

For in the end, in the final moments, you will remember that quiet whisper, that gentle encouragement in the right direction, and you will smile with love, that despite the urge to run the other way, the way of the ego, you followed Him, you walked with Him, and your heart shall be free.