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“If you judge people, you have no time to love them”
precious words from Mother Theresa…
We only have so much time
We only have so many thoughts available to us
Let us love one another
Let us use our time to love
If we judge others,
there is no space
no time
to love them
And the interesting thing is
the more we love until it we feel we cannot love anymore
the more we reach our capacity
the more our love grows
the more our love becomes unconditional
for both
others, and ourselves
When our love can reach places not yet seen
not yet lit with the light of love
When our love can heal our own hearts
and can heal the hearts of others
When our love has no boundaries
We no nothing else but love
We know God’s love
We know only love and mercy
for all our brothers and sisters
For we don’t have time to waste
We don’t have time to judge
or to worry
We only have time to love
to heal
to be filled with light
to remember the Divine
and serve our brothers and sisters
with our most loving of wishes
We only have time to renew our minds and hearts
We have time to strengthen our connection to the Supreme
and become pure once again
loving and filled with kindness
This is what we want
And if we don’t want it yet…
we will
For we don’t have time for hatred, for violence
for judgement
We don’t have time or space to keep anyone out of our hearts
For we only have time to love
and fully
no matter what.
Om shanti and bless you.
I think this message of love was such
a precious part Jesus Christ’s message
And so on this memorial day for him,
Let us Love
Let us Love, with All our Hearts.