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Thinking can be selfish
When we use it to ruminate over pointless things, useless things, self-centered things
Yet, we can use the mind as the greatest tool of transformation
The mind is a vehicle that changes the atmosphere, the vibration, of a world in deep sorrow
The mind is a tool that can dance with happiness and be used as an instrument to transform
When we allow the mind to be used by the Divine, to emanate vibrations of love, peace, power, joy, bliss, purity, we have done a great act of selfless service
Nothing is ever selfless, of course, as the the soul always receive the fruit of karma
Yet, it is an Act of Love, to put aside our incessant thinking and obsessions… that aren’t helping anyone or anything… and allow our mind to be used for good
As an instrument for a Higher Power – to send Light.
As a tool to think of powerful solutions and plans of service to help our human family and help transform this world.
Om shanti.