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There is a window of time
known as the “Confluence Age”
a short period of time that is between
the darkness and the light
It’s a window, we have, as souls,
To awaken, realize who we are, as souls
and meet our Spiritual Parent
the Divine
the One who is here to teach us, and remind us
of who we are
This One only plays His part on the world stage
at this time
To help us return to our stage of Truth
God’s Presence can be felt
stronger than ever
And we are given an opportunity to take His direction
to return to our natural state
of Purity and Peace
This is a small window
and it’s one to be cherished and valued
with all One’s heart
never to be wasted
To be used to transform the self
Surrender all vices
Remember and refill with full Light
and help our brother souls
to do the same
The Time has been given
There is only a very small window left
And so what will you do with these final moments of transformation?
If this was the only time you had, to refill yourself
What would you do?
Perhaps you would learn meditation
Take spiritual knowledge
Practice having remembrance of the Supreme, at every step
Refill yourself with all virtues
There are treasure to be gained
Blessings to be received
Transformation to occur
It all starts with your awareness of the value of this time
How precious
and rare
it is
Start with this awareness and go from there
Take the 7 days meditation course
to learn how to have Remembrance of the One
so you have the method to completely purify yourself
This is shared online, and also at meditation centers worldwide
As you can see on the website on this page.
Take this time seriously…
For it is as valuable as a Diamond.
Om shanti.