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There is a shower of light
that is available to each and every one of us
It is a blessed downpouring of spiritual energy
from the One
That One is our Beloved, Teacher, Friend and Helper
This is why we call this One God, the Divine
When we realize the shower of light,
the Hand of blessings
that is always upon us
It is as though we come into a new dimension of experience
Suddenly, there is love, everlasting, unconditional love
There is power, true spiritual energy
There is peace, the peace which passeth all understanding
There is bliss, the sweet intoxication of spiritual union
And there is purity, the essence and mother of all peace and happiness
When we take in this stream of energy from the One
We are full
We are whole
We are complete
there is no yearning
no lack
no need for anything other than the constant nourishment we are receiving from the One
From this place, life can then easily come into balance
What was out of balance is restored
What was previously unconscious, is now conscious
What was seen as a problem or burden before, can now be seen as the blessing that it is
It is our unending remembrance of the One
that truly feeds us
and gives us what we need
It isn’t that I, the soul, am that One
It’s that, I, the soul, am a child of the One, of God
I am the creation of the Creator
decorated with the same attributes of that One
Like Mother/Father, like child
I, the soul, am the beloved child of the Supreme, the Spiritual Mother and Father
And it’s my fortune to remember this and humbly take His helping hand
retoring complete truth, purity and peace within myself
So that no trace of ego or negativity remains
This task cannot be accomplished without that One
And so, on this day of light,
connect your heart with the Supreme’s heart
Take in the ever flowing radiance of peace
‘I am in God’s heart, and God is in my heart.’
And be whole and complete
A light to light more lights
Be ever combined
with the Ocean of Peace
the Purifier
the Beloved
Om shanti.