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There is a secret
to going ahead fast on your spiritual journey
It’s one that is so simple
and yet
not widely known
It is one that will make all your other efforting end
And it is one that can only be understood
by a true heart
This secret brings about
a smile on one’s face
and on the faces of all that one touches
It is a virtue of enormous light
and strength
It is the most beautiful method
to maintain constant Remembrance
of the Supreme
to come into natural purity
an easy life
an easy spiritual journey
Do you know what this secret is?
It is one of the heart…
It is to be absorbed in love.
To be absorbed in love is to be with God
without a second of forgetting
We remember that which we love
Our love pulls our attention towards what we love
When we are absorbed in spiritual love
of the Supreme
our hands and minds can do the work
while our hearts stay in remembrance
This is the easy way
to fast transformation
The mind goes where the heart is focused
Where is your heart?
Would you like the easy method to fast progress
and the most wonderful life?
Absorb your heart in God’s heart
Be with that One
with all your love
Absorbed in love
This is natural purity
This is natural peace and happiness.
Om shanti.