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Dearly Beloved Souls,
Below is the message I sent to my parents late Saturday afternoon after the false ballistic missile message we received in Hawaii.
It really touched my mother and she said it brought her comfort to read, and so, I felt to share it more openly, in case that this may benefit you too.
Feel free to share with any souls in your life as well.
Oceans of love, deep appreciation,
p.s. in the message I’m referring to Oliver who is their new grandson, and the picture is a picture of the One, the Beloved. I’m attaching one of my most favorites.


Hi you two,

I just thought I’d share, what I understand we need to do in these types of situations. I was surprised today and a bit shaken, and, I’m grateful to have some of the understanding I do because it helps us to prepare for things happening ‘suddenly’.

As I shared with mom when we were there in August, in many ancient traditions, this is the end of the “Kal Yug”, meaning, the dark time on Earth. Before there is light and transformation to come, there first comes destruction. This can of course mean nuclear bombs, natural calamities and more.

The essence of what we all need to do, regardless of which religion or path we come from, regardless of if we even believe in God or a Higher Power or not, no matter what name we use, i.e. Adonai, the Father, etc., and regardless of if we believe in the self as a soul or not…

…it’s a time for all of us to connect back to our own being, and to this Higher Power.

To connect with the self as the being that looks through the eyes, and listens through the ears. The way you see Oliver shining through his eyes, and you know there is a presence there, a presence that is timeless. The way mom feels she remembers past lives in Italy, being herself yet in a different form as a little boy. To connect with yourself beyond just your personality and body.

When ‘suddenly’ comes, I know that we need to focus all of our attention on who we really are and on the One, on that Being’s love. This is what Abraham, Jesus, etc. were speaking of, the same Source they connected with.

It’s not something we need to try to ‘get’ but rather, it’s a relationship and connection we already have, eternally and always.

This is what people who have near death experiences share too, that they suddenly found themselves in the presence of the most loving being of light. (Like the picture I sent you that’s hanging in the living room, it’s actually very close to the image people who have near death experience describe).

We are always held in the arms of the Divine’s love. Feeling and knowing this feels to me to be the real most important thing in these times, and is what I aim and bring into the meditations I share.

Like I told mom too in August, these are sensitive times.

I’ve been meaning to share this with you two for a while, and just felt now is a good a time as any.

I love you both.



I hope this served you.
Here are some meditations and a free course to connect deeply with the Divine… the Call of this Time…
free course:
Om shanti.