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I don’t know another way to live

other than surrendered to God

this is the way of life

that brings the greatest happiness

to the heart

the greatest serenity

to the mind

there is no other way to live

with peace and harmony

at this time

other than surrendered to the One

When we let that One carry us

we are moved by the Grace of love

we are guided by the direction of the One

we are held in the most loving arms in the Universe

It’s a worthy effort

to make this surrender constant

it’s the most worthy endeavor

to be an instrument for that One

For there is a great task unfolding at hand

that only that One can do

through us

as instruments of living peace

on a planet in dire distress

The time now,

as I see it

is to surrender with all our hearts

and be guided by the One who knows

who shares the Truth

and moves us out of the shadows

and into the Light

that One is God

the sweet Mother and Father of all us souls

Now is a time more than ever

to let that One lead

and to take the loving light

of being carried, held and nurtured

by the Beloved Beyond

Om shanti

Many, many blessings.