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The stories we tell
and the meaning they have
– On Patience –
today I found myself making a silly mistake
I left a few opened cardboard boxes outside with foam packaging materials
It was a windy day
and they blew all over the place
I knew I could have prevented this problem, but I didn’t,
so, I went to project clean-up
I was pleasantly surprised with myself
that I didn’t go into impatience, irritation or self-criticism
I was actually patient, kind and easy
I knew if I just picked up one at a time, even those under the house
and between spikey cactus parts
– I’d get the job done
As I was cleaning up
I reflected on how symbolic this situation was of life
Many mistakes we’ve made in life
the actions and forgetfulness that have brought us away from our natural
soul-conscious, spiritually filled, peaceful, place
is simply carelessness
lack of attention
one by one, little things that didn’t seem to ‘matter’
simply added up
and became bigger things
bigger bad habits
bigger mistakes
bigger forgetfulness…
yet, it started as innocent carelessness
And, that’s ok
It’s the story of life
We can try and argue with it
but that won’t help matters
– So back to clean up –
I realized that if we can just acknowledge the mess we’ve made
inside and out
we can then patiently, and lovingly, clean it up.
It didn’t actually take me very long.
Yet, I knew, if I had reacted with anger, impatience or judgement
or, ‘I’m too busy for this’
The process would have been very painful
Take a while
And likely result in causing more problems,
such as getting pricked by cacti
or getting my clothes dirty etc.
Yet, it was seamless.
There were a few foam pieces I couldn’t get to
And that too, was ok for now too
And so –
I think this is like life
Let’s just approach our process of awakening
letting go and clean up
patiently, consistently
and with perseverance
Clean up as much as you can today, with love
without judgment
with compassion
and the bits you weren’t able to get to,
you’ll be able to get them tomorrow
surrender all your concerns, to the One
‘Have Patience, O Mind, your days of happiness are about to come’
Om shanti.