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Staying combined with the Truth
and having love for One
I’d say
is the essence of spiritual practice
We are essentially being asked
to remove the human negativity and ego
which involves relinquishing the long treasured
vices of body-consciousness
and all the progeny that go with these
It’s not a small undertaking, and it requires quite a subtle intellect to recognize
the extent to which these foreign energies have entered the soul
They are not natural to us
and come from our forgetting and becoming depleted
It’s as if we took them in as comfort for the emptiness we were feeling
forgetting the full light and power of who we are
It is comical really,
to see the state of the world in such a mess
with such viciousness human beings have toward one another, the planet etc.
It’s silly because we are so much greater than that

And so, if you’re someone on a spiritual journey
It’s not a simple snap of your fingers shift
but rather
It’s a very sincere, honest, deep and courageous look at what is True
and what is false
I can assure you, more is false than meets the eye
Many things in the name of ‘spirituality’
are far from that
and are merely yet another form, another mirage, of the ego’s many ways
So have a very honest look in your own heart
trust in the original cleanliness that was once there
and discover what is left to be removed
to become truly Free
Combined in Remembrance of the Truth
I don’t think this is for the faint of heart
Yet I do think that more and more souls are feeling the genuine call to get real
and have a very good look

There is immense power needed to restore full truth and purity to the soul
And this can only be done with the help of the Higher Power, of God
Join in Daily Remembrance to activate this cleansing process
and have deep and honest looks within your own self
Nothing is too much for you to overcome
when you are combined with the company of the Truth
of God
You are more powerful than you may realize
Though true power only comes with an honest heart.
Om shanti.
Oceans of love to you dear friend, on the path.