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Staying above the mud
in a world of thorns
It’s no secret
that humanity is very
much in a phase of darkness
there is also a confluence of ages occurring
and the very real lift from the Divine
to stay in an incredible state of light
this place of light
a place in consciousness
is of being combined with the One
the Ocean of love
Naturally, we are all attracted to this Truth
whether we are conscious of it or not
We’re all souls…
No one is exempt
from being a soul
the negative forces of the ego have taken over
to an alarming degree
the Power of the Divine
and our Union with that One
is the greatest strength
that exists
As we learn to live from the power of remembrance of God
rather than
the power of the ego
This is the mission
To stay above the mud
We have to keep our minds linked in remembrance
of God
This One, is the only One who can lead us away from the negative traps of the world
and into the pure bliss and remembrance
of who we are
where we come from
and why we’re here
We are all children of that One
regardless of religious, spiritual or personal affiliation
regardless of what name you use for the Divine
regardless of if you believe it to be so or not
We are all souls
We are all children of God
That’s all, really.
We’ve forgotten who we are
And allowed the force of that forgetting to become very dark
And be in a position of power
Yet, the real Power
The only Power
comes from the Truth
The Truth is imbibed and embodied by staying in remembrance
absorbing our minds and hearts
In remembrance of the One
Surrendering at every step
to the living Truth
that is God’s light, knowledge and unending peace
Let us stay above the mud
and become the pure lotus flower
Regardless of the situations and circumstances
that come up, or have been and gone
We let it all go to the One
Take guidance and love from God
And step forward into our Divine Destiny.
There is a way forward,
We will not get there alone
We have to take the help of the One
We have to open our hearts with unlimited mercy for ourselves
and all our brothers and sisters
no matter what
Open your heart
Let in the limitless Source of Love from the One
Let go of hang ups about ‘this and that’
And just come Home to the one simple Truth
We are one spiritual family
We are brothers and sister
We are souls
We are children of the One Spiritual Parent, the Source, God
It is time we recognize the destructive forces of the ego
and come Home
It is time
to come
Om shanti.