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Being with One
Above all else
when there is
In the mind or
In life
We must learn to stay stable
By connecting our intellects with God
The One who is beyond the affects of karma
This One helps us, too,
To become those who are beyond the affects of karma
When the soul is karmateet
Life flows with incredible ease
All of the elements
Are servants to that soul
The soul is the master of His life
Of His mind
Of His body
This is the natural way
When the soul is karmateet,
There are no negative energies
No vices
No ego
No greed
No attachment
No lust
No anger
But rather, a wellspring of beautiful energy and qualities
The soul then performs actions with peace of mind
And ease of heart
There is no consciousness of being the “ego”
But rather
There is the consciousness of the soul
And that is what God wants for us
To be soul conscious
It isn’t that we need to force ourselves to become this
But rather
He’s asking us to remember Him
And fill ourselves with truth
So that we can regain power in the soul
Power in the mind
To stabilize the self in a state of pure peace
Pure bliss
This is His wish
I’m writing this now on an airplane
Thousands of feet above water
With a lot of turbulence
I found myself becoming ungrounded
And realized
To find my root
In the Supreme.
This is our only safety
And interestingly enough, as I started writing this, and now
The turbulence has stopped
All I know for sure
About this
Is that consciousness affects matter
The more we occupy ourselves in thoughts of the soul
The more we stabilize in our self respect
matter responds
It’s a simple law of the universe.
Let us stabilize
Let us be with the One
Let us know ourselves
And know God.
Om shanti.