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There is a poverty today that is more severe than any type of physical poverty

It is a poverty of the soul, of the spirit,

It is unseen

yet felt

It is hidden

yet everywhere

Whether there is a lot of physical wealth, or none at all,

does not determine how rich within the soul is feeling

May this year be one where we focus within, and on supporting others, too,

in accumulating spiritual wealth

Spiritual wealth comes from remembering God, as He is,

and remembering the self, as a soul,

This is remembrance

This is our life line

This is our way back Home

This is how we become full, wealthy and peaceful, once again.

God’s love is like an ocean, there really is no limit, it is so vast, so deep,

there is enough for all souls to receive

Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, whether you come from a Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh or other background,

God is one.

All of the founders of religions, were pointing to the same Spiritual Father.

As we open our hearts to recognize the spiritual identity that unites us all,

there can be peace.

As we remember ourselves as loving beings, of a loving God,

there can be spiritual wealth.

Om shanti.