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The soul’s natural way
is to give
Naturally, the self, the soul
is a giver
We receive and take in nourishment from
the One
We fill ourselves with Truth
We become full of Truth
Full of all virtues and beautiful qualities
We maintain a high level of consciousness
And so what else is there left to do, than to give?
To bestow
To give blessings
This is the soul’s natural way of being
It is the lower consciousness
of the ego
that has the soul tricked into thinking
“I need.” “I want.” “Give me.”
But yet,
this is not who we are
We are great souls
Bestower souls
Children of the Divine
We’re here to contribute beauty to life
and share our love and blessings with others
The soul’s natural way is to give
not to take
For the paradox is that
It is in giving
that we receive
It is in forgiving
that we are forgiven
It is in allowing the ego to die
that we awaken to eternal life
To the brilliance of who we are
To the beauty of the soul
This is the truth
This is what is natural
and when we go with nature
When we align with what is true
When we align with giving
We receive far more than we could ever
ask for
in return
It is the blessed way.
Be a bestower.
Om shanti.