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Sometimes in life,
we need to say, “I’m sorry,”
we need to apologize
to anyone we have hurt
In the world’s view
this is seen as defeat
It is thought of as being weak
Yet, really,
“I’m sorry”
is also soul conscious
Is it acknowledging, with humility,
that there was a mistake
To bow down
To have an honest heart
To be able to acknowledge a mistake
is the way we heal and change
Think about all of the wars going on
No one is willing to bow down and say,
“I’m sorry”
It’s all about…
“you did this wrong”
“I am right”
But what if we could all look deep within our own hearts…
and apologize to those we have hurt
make amends with past wrongs
acknowledge when we have not acted in our highest way
I think the world could experience a great healing
Or at least, we could each feel more healed in ourselves, and relations
It’s a cleansing act for the heart
to acknowledge a wrong and say, “I’m sorry”
and to really mean it, from the depth of the heart
For this is honoring and loving one another
Being willing to bow down
Being willing to be wrong
Being willing to let go
of all the ego’s arrogance
May we forgive our brothers and sisters for wrongs they have done to us
May we forgive ourselves for wrongs we have done to others
And may we cleanse our hearts by going ahead and saying, “I’m sorry”
to those we need to say it to,
Many many blessings.
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you
May our hearts be free.
in the healing light of the Supreme
whose Love makes us humble
and filled with love and forgiveness
for others and ourselves.
Om shanti.