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Dear soul,

To be simple, is to be honest and humble. When we are simple, we have nothing to hide. We can be relaxed and easy. Being honest with ourselves, allows us to be honest with the Divine and with other souls. Our hearts can then feel clean and true, and our minds can relax.

Simplicity brings, too, the art of detachment. When I, the soul, am detached, I am light and easily adaptable, meaning, I can adjust myself to different circumstances with peace.

A blessing for you:


You radiate inner peace and contentment

because you have the courage to let go

of anything artificial or superficial

You have the ease and freedom

to simply be yourself.

There is great freedom when we can simply let go of everything artificial, be detached, loving and free. Life has a perfect flow to it. We simply need to trust that flow, let go and approach life with a smile. 🙂

Try this today, right now, and see how you feel.

Oceans of peace,

Your soul friend, Arielle

p.s. I’ll be starting to create new videos, and rather than on facebook, they will go on youtube, so that more souls can have easy access to watch them.
Oceans of love.