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I’ve had roses on my desk for the past few days
Well, actually, I’ve taken them next to my bed at night too
The fragrance of these roses is so lovely
they naturally emanate pure beauty
I’ve always found it interesting that roses have thorns
though I also recognize the symbolism
for us as spiritual beings
to flourish with our beauty and truth
to emit the fragrance of pure thoughts
and good wishes for all
to inspire and bless
and to also be strong
I heard once from a spiritual teacher
to be ‘beautiful and dangerous’
though I don’t think we need even an ounce of bitterness or sharpness
to do so
I think we can be unshakeable in who we are
emanating pure beauty
and strength all at once
I think the rose does this
in it’s own kind of way
and we do this
in our own kind of way.
Om shanti.