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Remembering One
is the call of our hearts
to remember the One, the Supreme
with all our hearts
is the highest fortune
to remember many, all of the different souls in our lives
can lead to getting caught up in the colorful branches of the tree of humanity
and forget the Seed
By remembering the Seed, the Source, God
We then naturally have love and remembrance for the whole tree, for all souls
By remembering One
we are recharged
we are filled with light
we are renewed
That One is the Purifier, the Benefactor, the Benevolent One
The Ocean of love, the Ocean of bliss
By remembering Him
We are flooded with love and peace
Our hearts are nourished and our minds peaceful
Remember the Seed, and have love for the One
The Beloved
And by doing so, your loving relations with all souls, with the whole tree of souls
will automatically become harmonious and lovely
Have love for One
And be absorbed in the bliss of remembrance
God is One
Our sweet beloved Mother and Father
Remember that One.
Om shanti