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It is when we disown parts of ourselves (often the shadow) and project them onto others, that we feel as though we have given away our power, yet really, we are in the middle of an identity crisis – we’re not aware that we are souls, and, we’re not aware that that person or situation we are so upset about, is not “out there” but rather, an ego manifestation “in here”. When we realize this, we are able to reclaim our power, our sanity and our light. By reowning that which we are so triggered about, we actually can come to peace with it. So long as it’s “out there” or about “them”, we feel controlled by it, as we are fundamentally out of integrity with ourselves, and this makes the conscience bite. Reown, realize and release. Remember God and give it all to that One, who is totally capable of taking our darkness and making us light again.
Om shanti.