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Life can be a combination of both readiness
and willingness to fly
Often times, we are not ‘ready’
for what life is asking of us
This is why, we must learn to fly
I came across a quote today that said,
“Great people do things before they’re ready,”
I thought about this
and felt yes, this is true
Though sometimes, our ‘not being ready’
can be dissolved by the simple willingness to ‘fly’
to let a Higher Power carry us through
When we are willing to be an instrument for a Higher Power
We are agreeing to being open and willing to cooperate and go with the wave
of service or tasks at hand
When we contract and resist, this can bring fear, anxiety and tension
Yet, when we spread out our arms, open our hearts and take the hand of the One
We are carried with such Grace
you wouldn’t believe it
It’s a matter of deep trust and surrender
of deep faith in that One
to hold you, carry you
And be there beside you the entire time
You can’t ever fall
You can’t ever fail
When the Supreme is by your side
and in your mind and heart
And so,
my revision to this quote is this,
Great souls do things when God is ready, they are the souls who have learned to fly.
Om shanti.