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The problem is not the problem
It is oftentimes the consciousness we have, about the problem
that is the problem
You see,
we’ve had this very harmful habit of seeing everything as an issue
everything as a problem
Yet this way of thinking is what makes situations so complicated and entangled
When we are in our natural state
We are very pure and simple
Not complicated
We are easy natured
And from this consciousness springs forth a world that is also pure and simple
When we realize that there are always hidden gifts in every situation
We come out of the consciousness of the ‘victim’ and ‘problem’
And come into the consciousness of the solution, of the wonder, of the grace
And so, next time it seems there are so many ‘problems’ you are facing
Just take a moment to consider
“Everything is ok.”
“It’s fine.”
These are very simple, very powerful mantras for the mind
And guess what, once you start thinking this way
You will find
that ‘problem’
is no longer there anymore
It all starts within your own mind
Connecting with God
gives us the strength to discover solutions
and remove problems from our life
and most importantly
from our minds.
Om shanti.