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Prayer of Love for 2017

Dear God,
You can have my whole heart
You can have all of me
For it is only in your complete and perfect love
that I am set free
You are the Purifier
The Lord of Light
The Guide
It is in Your Remembrance
that I find my way back Home
No other can lead me there
Only You
And so, dear God,
my whole heart is yours
You can have all of me
I surrender my life to you, dear God
May you use me as an instrument
for your most elevated task
of restoring Purity to this world
with Peace and Prosperity following
Thank you, dear God,
for your Unlimited Love
For it is by Your Vision of me
That I am lifted up out of the darkness of the ego
and into the Light of your Endless Peace
May you use me as an instrument
to bring your Message to every soul
with not a single left out
And may Peace reign, once again.
Thank you
Thank you.
Om shanti.