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Peace and unity are achieved
when we have the courage
to go beyond positionality
Peace isn’t achieved when we still have residue of
this one is right
this is one is wrong
i.e. in terms of election,
this candidate is good
this candidate is bad.
I’ve been seeing some initiatives for unity
yet there is still a position behind many of them that
this candidate is good
this one is bad
that’s not how peace is achieved.
Have love for both
Have good wishes for both
Have good thoughts for both
Recognize that we are at a time of the human story
when there is corruption
within and without
so rather than pointing fingers ‘out there’
we look within,
and we have compassion
deep compassion
unlimited Mercy
deep Mercy
for both ‘sides’
for both candidates
for all souls.
Nothing will be achieved by contributing to the ‘divide’
in your own mind
Choose your candidate
of course
yet still have love and mercy for the other.
Will you do it?

One of the best thoughts to have about the election is, “May the highest good for all be done.”

Om shanti.