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There are 2 qualities
that are very important in life
These are qualities that bring us great peace and happiness
And allow us to maintain a connection to the One
No matter what
When we can be patient, and sincere
and approach our life journey
our spiritual journey
our relationships
and our inner journey
with these qualities
It is as though cool waters
of wisdom continue to nourish us
and pour forth from our being
Patience gives humility and respect
It keeps us safe from becoming lost in action
It keeps us safe from becoming upset
It keeps us safe from arrogance or frustration
Patience keeps our hearts happy
and our minds cool
So too, we must be sincere in our spiritual efforts
and in our entire way of being
To be sincere is to be loving and filled with truth
It is to mean what you say
To be aligned in thoughts, words and deeds
We need patience to develop such truth
And these two qualities together
do wonders for the soul
patience and sincerity
Love is patient
Love is sincere
This is how we must approach our relationship to the Divine
With such patience, depth and sincerity
Then we will come to know that One
with great love and clarity
We will come to feel the Presence of Love
filling our hearts
all the time
Adopt these two qualities
and watch wonders
unfold in your life
Great happiness and peace
will be yours.
Be patient.
Be sincere.
Om shanti.