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That One’s Grace is all-encompassing
When you surrender and let go
and let yourself be carried…
The Divine will carry you with such love
It is as if you are being cradled in Divine arms
Completely safe and secure
Completely absorbed in love
There is only one requirement really
As this Love is available to everyone
Each and every soul
It is to Remember that One, with your heart
The linear mind may not be able to comprehend of
God, the soul and eternity
Though, with your heart, you can know
You can feel and remember
You can realize
There is only one very simple direction that One gives
at this time
It’s very simple, and it’s for all souls of all religions, paths and cultures
Do you know what the direction is?
The Divine now says:
Remember Me and you will become free
Free is…
pure, peaceful, powerful
It is
your natural, original and eternal state of being
You are a peaceful soul.
Remember that One
with all your Heart.
Om shanti.
Oceans of love.