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As the year 2016 comes to a close in the west
and the new year has already begun in the east
Let us take the great gifts and lessons we learned in 2016
and go forth into this next year, 2017, stronger than ever
with more compassion
more patience
more faith
more love
more joy
more freedom
more harmony
and more peace
than ever before
it all starts with your own inner world
as you connect to the Divine
and ‘charge’ the battery of the soul with Remembrance
of the One
you are renewing yourself, and this planet, with energy
It’s not that we need more stuff
we need more spiritual power
we are spiritual beings
we don’t ‘get’ power from the material world
it’s like a playground
and it’s all organic matter (including these bodies)
it’s all temporary
yet we are light
we are stars
we are consciousness
we are eternal beings of peace
Our so called “problems” in life
are the size of a mustard seed
in comparison to who we actually are
You have great power within you
It just needs to be ‘re-activated’
by charging the battery of your soul
with the Supreme
So let us take this seriously
and really renew ourselves and bring great beauty into our lives this year
You are held and supported
You are beautiful.
Bless you dear spiritual friend.
Om shanti.