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To be light in your nature
that is,
to be easy-going and loving
is to create the stage of being ‘ever-ready’
for any situation to arise
Because there is an easiness and lightness
there is a loving embrace of each and every situation
even those with a seemingly ugly head
there is a gentle, yet powerful approach
that brings strength and order
balance and beauty
to any situation that arises
When we can live surrendered to God, the One
We can take in a constant stream of loving, powerful energy
We can fill our hearts with positive feelings and our minds with gentle, loving thoughts
Allow yourself to be open to this stream of Light
By maintaining an easy going stage, a gentle nature
That which is gentle and easy is flexible
that which is flexible can adapt and bend
can adjust and flow
in the stream of life
that continues to unfold
Stay firm in your practice of remembrance of the Divine
and easy natured in living your life
This is to be ever-ready for anything, light and free.
Om shanti.