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Sometimes we need to let love dissolve
pain and anxiety
These are symptoms I think of being in a very cold world spiritually
It’s cold outside
as in
there is a lack of connection with the Spiritual Sun
The Ocean of Warmth and Love
the Divine
When we are cold spiritually, this leads to symptoms
of anxiety and pain
among other things
And so, we need to let the warm light of love fill us
and dissolve pain and anxiety with the warmth
of divine Love
to know you are safe
you are loved
you are cared for
by a Being who is completely pure and loving
the One who is beyond ego and negativity
the Source who is the only One who can truly help us
Let us take in that One’s love
and bring warmth to ourselves
and bring warmth to a world that has become cold
We can warm each other up to a degree with spiritual love
though it is through the Source of Love and warmth
that we are warmed completely and purified with love
let the fire of God’s love
right now
Om shanti.