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Being the instrument
We often think we are in control
We think we are the doers
The ones who ‘accomplish’
and ‘achieve’
Yet, when we decide to let the Divine lead our lives
we begin to realize
we are not really in control
we are the instrument
the pencil
in God’s hand
writing a love letter
It’s a freeing thing
and the ego can also be scared by that
It’s a far greater freedom to let yourself fly on the wings of a higher power
than scrape by with the strength of the ego, which is the size of a small grain of sand
the soul has lost it’s power through the course of life
and is in need of being recharged by the power source
and so our options are to…
rely on God’s Almighty Power to fill you up
you can try the ego/lower consciousness
Once charged by God, you will have your power back
You’ll be renewed to function in a pure and powerful way
Yet, we first must have the courage to surrender ourselves to that One completely
to make God the admin of our lives
and just let ourselves be the instrument He uses
Then, you will renew yourself with
true mastery
true sovereignty
Om shanti.