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Let your mind be still and peaceful

Right now

Your mind is your friend
Your helper
Look after your mind well
And nourish it, detox things that don’t belong
Come to stillness, and say
O, mind, you are safe, you are secure, you are peaceful
Be peaceful, O mind
Talk to your mind and look after it as your would a small child
Because just as we take so much care of the body
We also must take such good care of the mind
Protect the mind, look out for the mind, calm the mind
Just as you would a child
especially in the world today
The mind needs to be cared for and looked after
With a lot of love
And also be protected from harmful things, let the mind throw away those things
And be renewed with the power of God’s love
God is known as ‘friend of the mind’
Because that One is the greatest Source of love and renewal for the mind
It’s said in Hindi
Let your mind rest with God, in that One’s ocean of love and peace
Purifying and healing the mind
So you, the soul, feel completely absorbed in love
happiness, health, wealth and ease
And all is well.
Take good care of your mind
For it is always with you.
Let the One above help.
Om shanti.