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It’s going to be ok
Let your mind stay open
As there may be problems surfacing
relationships, financial, health, etc.
Please know this my dear,
It will be ok.
You are loved and cared for.
You will be taken care of
so long as you just keep your mind open
open to God
Keep your mind open to the One who has the answers
who has the guidance and support for you
This Being is your friend, and sometimes problems just push you closer…
to connecting with that One
See whatever is happening as a divine gift…
bringing you to greater trust in the One
You will be given the answers you need
Just keep your mind open
and your heart open
to God’s limitless love and care
You are safe
You are loved
You are cared for
It will all be ok.
Just remember this, my dear, and let your mind rest
with peace and stillness
Just keep knowing
and trust me
that it will be ok.
Om shanti.