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Let your light dispel all darkness
trust in the power that is your light
trust in the power that is your connection to God
the Source of all light,
and true power
The power that is spiritual
is the only true power
all others are false
and coming from the ego
this world has been afraid of power I think
because it was rooted in ego and darkness
in the end, that false power was always unsustainable
and will always fail
the true and only power
the real sustainable power
comes from God
This is the power that brings creation forth
that transforms worlds
and dispels all darkness
in a second
You, too, can be an instrument to transform dark into light
in a second
this power comes from your connection to God
every day, take even just a minute, to connect with that One
Build a practice of letting in that One’s power
And you will be one who lets your light dispel
all darkness
in a second.
Om shanti