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May your hands do the work,
while your heart stays in Remembrance
The easy way to overcome challenges and old patterns
is to stay linked with the One in your heart
to remain absorbed in the Love of the Divine
feeling, “I, the soul, am connected to my Beloved Companion”
“I am recharging the battery of my being with this One’s power”
We are influenced by the company we keep
and so
Why not keep the Highest Company, of the one who is completely soul-conscious
who is the embodiment of bliss, Sat Chit Ananda
This one is our Spiritual Parent and Friend
Who is ever Pure
May you stay in Remembrance
and let the fire of pure Love fill you
so that all concern, worry, negativity
is burnt away for good
and, you, the soul, fly free
in your original state of peace
and power.
Om shanti.