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Learning to trust
in humanity again
in one another
in our innate goodness
I think there is a deep wound
of lack of trust
we have in one another
The arrogance and extreme negativity of the ego
has caused so much harm
at the heart
we want to love one another
and trust one another
we want to live in an age of truth
in an age of love
we want to have that closeness
that trust and love
I think we yearn for it
Because we are beings of love
God helps us do this
He fills our hearts with love
He fills our heart with truth
He fill the hearts of our brothers and sisters
so that truth can be restored
in each of us
and in the world
It’s not an easy task
but it’s one that only that One, the Supreme
can do
So let us cooperate with Him
Let us fill our hearts
and learn to trust
in humanity
once again
Let us expand our love
far beyond what we thought we were capable of
Om shanti
I love you.