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Keeping your Connection
even when the myriad of ways
come to break it
Staying connected to the Higher Power
the Ocean of Bliss
creates constant contentment
And so
even when you feel unwell, or there are situations
or challenges, etc.
This is the time to be extra aware of keeping your Connection
to the Remover of Sorrow, Destroyer of Obstacles
The Bestower of Happiness
for all
Remind the self:
I am a soul, free from this body and bodily situations
I am a child of the Supreme
an ocean of peace
of The Ocean of Peace
I am free
Feel the lightness and joy
And keep staying with this
Flying beyond all obstacles
in the intoxicating Love
of the One.
Om shanti
May you be free from all obstacles,
and fly free with your heart linked in Remembrance
of the Supreme.