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the journey into the heart
can be unpredictable
when we go into the heart of the self
we come across the ways and means we have kept
love out
and many times, we may think, it’s been for good reason
to protect the self
though I think at this time
there is a healing taking place
and the main thing we must do
is link our hearts in yoga (union)
with the Comforter of Hearts,
the Supreme
the One who heals all hearts
If you can simply focus on this
you can cure and heal all of your heartbreak
Rather than focusing on the heartbreak
the pain and the people you want to love
Focus on God’s love
Let in the love from the Highest Source
The Ocean of Love
This is the only One who can heal your heart
The more you let in love from God
the more you are loved by and able to love others
God is the Source
with which all souls are connected
And so by being linked in love with the Source
you are naturally giving love and receiving love from all souls
It’s a subtle energy
a protective field
to stay linked in Love with the One
and let your heart become fully healed
fully loving
fully true.
Om shanti.