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It’s time to fly, child
so put on your wings
there is no need to muddle around anymore
in the mud of body consciousness
the weight of the ego
It’s time to renew your wings
and learn how to fly
You have a very good teacher
the best in fact
His name is God
and He knows how to fly
better than any other soul
He is the Supreme Soul
the Teacher
the Friend
and he’s ready to teach you how to fly
once again
All you must do is let go of your grip
to the mud and the dirt
the things that weigh you down
and put on your wings
so you can fly
You’ll fly beyond trouble and worry
and far beyond fear
for you are an infinite being
a child of the Supreme
an angel
a divine soul
You are here to bring light
and to be light
and so let go of those weights
you don’t need anymore
put on your wings
and begin to fly
God is here
teaching you
at every step
It’s time to fly.
Om shanti.