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It’s not about the numbers
Never worry about this
It’s about each soul you help
to find their way back Home
to the lap of the Divine
to the light of Divine peace
Do your art
Do you work in the world
from the heart
Not to be ‘famous’ or ‘popular’
as the source of this is greed
Do it because you care
Never worry if only 1 soul shows up
Help that 1 soul
Never concern yourself with numbers
It’s not of importance
the true value
is in how deeply you know your true self
and how deeply you touch another
and help that one open more to love
to the remembrance of being a peaceful soul
God works in mysterious and wonderful ways
Things are not always as they seem
So let go of appearances
Let go of judgement
and become a free flying bird
Become one who is wise
and deeply committed to truth
One who loves from the heart
And will be there for another because of genuine care
Because you know
each and every soul
is a valuable jewel
a worthy precious child
of the One
No matter how far one seems to have ‘fallen”
No matter what the circumstance
every soul is worthy of love
every soul can and will find their way back Home
To be an instrument to help in this Divine task
is a profound thing
One is to help the self remember, and also to help others
This is the wish of our Divine Parent
May we never concern ourselves with numbers or appearances,
But rather,
stay blessed in the simplicity and humility
of the essence
Of the heart of the matter
Of serving and loving
the souls in front of you
the very best you can
And bringing both yourself
and them
back to God.
Om shanti
precious angel
It’s not about the numbers
It’s about the love.